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  1. 2015.03.26 AllSeen Alliance 란

AllSeen Alliance: https://allseenalliance.org/

Our Mission

To enable widespread adoption and help accelerate the development and evolution of an interoperable peer connectivity and communications framework based on AllJoyn for devices and applications in the Internet of Everything.

AllJoyn이라는 프레임워크를 기반으로 IoT를 개발해가는 단체이다.

메이저 업체로는 LG, Microsoft, Qualcomm, SHARP, SONY, Haier 등이 있으며 수많은 업체들이 멤버로 참여하고 있다.

9. The AllSeen Alliance manages the AllJoyn open source project with software code using open standards to enable all the ‘things’ in the Internet of Things to work together. The code is available for download today. 

앞서 언급했듯이 중요한 프레임워크 이름이 AllJoyn 이다


간단히 Architecture 중 Network Architecture 부분만 일단 살펴보자

그림과 같이 크게 App과 Router가 보일것이다.

크게 3가지로 형태로 설명할 수 있다.

1. Bundled Router라고 불리어지는 라우터로써 현재 많이 사용되는 모바일 OS기반의 App : Router 매칭을 이룬다.

2. Standalone Router라고 불리어지는 라우터로써 백그라운드 데몬으로 동작되는 형태를 가지면서, 여러 App이 하나의 Router와 연결되는 형태이다

3. 충분한 CPU가 확보되지 않는 임베디드 디바이스를 위해서 Router가 없는 Thin variant of the AllJoyn framework를 사용하여 다른 디바이스의 Router와 연결이 된다.

  1. An App uses its own Router. In this case, the Router is called a "Bundled Router" as it is bundled with the App. AllJoyn Apps on mobile OSes like Android and iOS and desktop OSes like Mac OS X and Windows generally fall in this group.

  2. Multiple Apps on the same device use one Router. In this case, the Router is called a "Standalone Router" and it typically runs in a background/service process. This is common on Linux systems where the AllJoyn Router runs as a daemon process and other AllJoyn apps connect to the Standalone Router. By having multiple apps on the same device use the common AllJoyn Router, the device consumes less overall resources.

  3. An App uses a Router on a different device. Embedded devices (which use the Thin variant of the AllJoyn framework, more on this later) typically fall in this camp as the embedded device typically does not have enough CPU and memory to run the AllJoyn router.

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